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Calbee Plus

Jaga Pirika Potato Chips

Product Description

Premium Snack from Calbee Plus, Calbee's premium snack line!

"Pirika" is the Ainu word for "cute" and as the name suggests, Jaga Pirika is a colorful and cute snack. Of course, its unique color is all natural!

The refreshing climate of Hokkaido in Northern Japan grows delicious potatoes. Toyoshiro, Inca Awakening, and Kitamurasaki are the 3 potatoes used in "Jagapirika," and are all from Hokkaido. Through repeated research in collaboration with producers, Calbee continues to produce these amazing snacks. After harvesting, they are inspected for quality and stored under strict temperature control, waiting to be created into "Jaga Pirika!"

Product Detail

  • Common Allergens: Wheat and Soy
  • Product of Hokkaido
  • Set of 6