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Shinjuku Curry Koi-Ebi Arare

Product Description

Shinjuku Nakamura-ya has been in business since 1901, making Indian curry in Japan since 1928.  By incorporating their famous curry powder to a traditional Japanese "Arare", snack made by baking bite-sized glutinous rice, Nakamura-ya has been able to make a truly unique snack.

Now, their famous Koi-Ebi Shrimp curry is made into a delicious baked Arare!

The crunch of the baked Arare combined with the seasoning on the curry flavor and Koi-Ebi Shrimp is a match made in heaven.

Exclusively sold only in Tokyo.


Product Detail

  • Product of Tokyo
  • Common Allergens: Milk, Soy, Chicken
  • Box contains 10 bags