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Seven Eleven Gold

Nakiryu TanTan Ramen

Product Description

Epic collaboration between 7Eleven Japan, Nissin and Nakiryu, the Michelin starred ramen restaurant in Otsuka, Tokyo.  Nakiryu has consistently won and maintained a Michelin Star since its first in 2017, and you will know exactly why!  Having trained under another Michelin Starred ramen restaurant in Hong Kong called "MIST", owner/chef Kazumasa Saito opened Nakiryu in 2012.

The flavors are highlighted by the rich neri-goma (sesame) soy sauce, and exquisite sourness of traditional tantan noodles.  This cup noodle has received a stamp of approval from the chef himself!


Product Detail

  • Product of Tokyo
  • Common Allergens: Wheat, dairy, soy, sesame, pork and Beef.