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Seven Eleven Gold

Nakamoto Mouko Tanmen

Product Description

This is the instant cup noodle version of the signature ramen at Mouko-tanmen Nakamoto - a ramen shop in Tokyo and Saitama that’s famous for its super spicy ramen made with a lot of cayenne pepper powder. This Tantan noodle dish has a spicy soup that gets its strong flavor from vegetables and miso. The bright red soup and delicious aroma is sure to stimulate your appetite! One bite is all you need to taste the spiciness and deliciousness, but if you still want more spice, add the chili oil that comes with it. Small children and people who dislike spicy food should avoid this ramen.


Product Detail

  • Product of Tokyo
  • Common Allergens: Wheat, dairy, pork, soy, gelatin, sesame, and Beef.