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Nitto Tea

Matcha Au Lait Sticks

Product Description

Matcha Au Lait uses a blend of two types of high quality matcha: 80% Uji Matcha and 20% Nishio Matcha.  Enjoy the natural scent of matcha as it was carefully finished without using any artificial fragrances.

Matcha Au Lait from Nitto has a full-fledged taste that combines moderately sweetness and the richness of milk with two carefully selected matcha, creating a product that can only be described is elegant.

・ Uji Matcha 80%, Nishio Matcha 20% (% of Matcha).
・ No fragrance.

Product Detail

  • Convenient individual stick packaging per serving
  • Common Allergens: Milk
  • 10 Pieces