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Mon Loire

Leaf Memory Chocolates

Product Description

This popular Mon Loire item is shaped like a little leaf. It melts in the mouth and unfurls an elegant sweetness. These adorable mini chocolates which are wrapped and tied in little pouches — are perfect for enjoying with your tea, and even as a small gift or a refreshment.

Enjoy multiple flavors in every pouch!  Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mocha and Matcha!

Mon Loire was opened as a specialty store for Japanese chocolate in Okamoto, Kobe.  Today, they produce and sell flavorful and original products made using ingredients carefully selected with a connoisseur's eye.
Mon Loire now has their own shops and department store shops in Kansai and other regions.  Their products are loved by people all over Japan.



Product Detail

  • Product of Kobe
  • Common Allergens: Soy and Milk 
  • Bag of 250g