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Myojo Foods

Barikata Hakata Tonkotsu

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Product Description

If you love Tonkotsu style ramen from Kyushu's Hakata District (think Ippudo and Ichiran), you'll want to try this Barikata Ramen with plenty of Takana for a spicy kick.  This simple ramen consists of a silky smooth pork bone broth (tonkotsu) with extra-thin noodles like your usual Hakata ramen with pickled takana.

Tonkotsu ramen was originally sold from food stalls to fishermen working in the district as a quick and cheap meal. In order to prepare the ramen as quickly as possible, super-thin noodles were used to reduce boiling time.


Product Detail

  • Product of Kyushu
  • Common Allergens: Wheat, dairy, pork, soy, gelatin, sesame, and chicken.